FESTIVAL FUTURE - HORIZON 2015 17.-19.07. 2015

EXHIBITION: FUTURE - HORIZON 2015 3.08-15.08.2015 EKA Gallery, Tallinn Themes of event: art & innovation; energetics – architecture – cultural heritage – restoration Under observation and consideration are future, sovereignty and energy. How do you see your future; how would you like to see it ? Works from summaries of past-present experiences until futuristic constructions; from manifestations of critical thought until visions that exceed any controversy. Art as poetical-transcendental and rational objects plus radical claims. What will shape the future globally and locally; does territory have any meaning? The crisis.. : east or west, war or peace, poverty or riches, something else? What is new utopia? What are the traditions that will last as a backbone of society in the future; what are the limits of the subject? Autonomy and the issues of existential border-state will remain at the heart of conceptual art center Uuetalu now and in the future, without favoring one technique to another.

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